Sweet P Guitar - Entertainer / Musician

Meet Paul Alexander Williams "Sweet P Guitar"

Paul Alexander Williams was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.

He received his first guitar from, community activist, Chester “Buddy” George and started teaching himself to play the instrument at the age of fifteen.

When he was nineteen, Paul started working in bars and nightclubs, having received instruction and encouragement from local musicians. His early mentors were local guitarists Tom “TC” Brown and Jimmy McCann.

Four years later, he played guitar in the nine-piece show band “Pain & Pure Pleasure” and served an apprenticeship in “Brotherhood”, a jazz quartet featuring bandleader and organist Richard Lee, a mentor of guitarist, George Benson.,

Later, Paul

Paul Alexander Williams & Sweet P Guitar

joined the “Providence Spiritual Singers” gospel group. George “Coots” Thomas introduced Paul to the renowned band leader Hal Crook leading to a brief period of guitar lessons with Frank Potenza.


In 1995, he formed the brand, The Sweet P Blues Band, based in Providence, RI, and created the brand “Sweet P Guitar” featuring Paul’s vocals and guitar work. Additionally, the band has appeared at numerous venues throughout the Rhode Island and New England areas.


Paul is the guitarist for R&B dance band “Steppin Out featuring New Image”, the RPM Voices of RI, a member of the American Federation of Musicians and the Lois Vaughn Jazz Band. He is the Music Coordinator at the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative as well as a Board member of the Rhode Island Rhythm & Blues Preservation Society.

Paul has performed with wedding bands and at recording studio sessions.

He has also acted in theatrical productions with the Langston Hughes Center for the Arts, at the Mixed Magic Theatre and at the Norwich, CT Center for the Arts.

A bandleader and contractor, Paul offers options to meet all of your entertainment needs, ranging from solo performances to dance bands to a freelance guitarist.

With a love, ear and a natural feel for many genres, Paul Alexander Williams is a versatile and dynamic performer who brings professionalism and experience to any playing situation.

Paul Alexander Williams & Sweet P Guitar

Guitar and Vocalist Work Experiences

1978 – Present

  • Pain and Pure Pleasure: R&B Guitarist
  • Brotherhood: Jazz Quartet Guitarist
  • Providence Spiritual Singers: Guitarist
  • Quazzar Top 40 Band: Guitarist and vocalist
  • Joose: R&B Guitarist
  • Paul Williams Blues Band: Guitarist & Lead Vocalist
  • George Thomas Blues Band: Blues Guitarist
  • Sweet P Blues Band: Guitarist & Lead Vocalist
  • Legit: Wedding Band Guitarist
  • RPM Voices of Rhode Island: Gospel choir Guitarist
  • Roots Cultural Center: House Guitarist and Host of Weekly Jam
  • Steppin Out featuring New Image: R&B Guitarist
  • Lois Vaughan Jazz Quintet Guitarist & Lead Vocalist
  • Mixed Magic Theatre: House Guitarist

Acting Experiences

  • Langston Hughes Center For The Arts
    Ceremonies In Dark Old Men: Junior
  • Mixed Magic Theatre
    Waiting For Bessie Smith: Mississippi Willie
  • Norwich Center for the Arts
    Muddy Waters